Firm per guifibages atheros

Ens cal un firm que :

  • Permeti conectar en mode infraestructura i dongui dhcp directe restringint l'ample de banda
  • Tingui un mode ad-hoc amb els protocols batman i olsr
  • Només s'hagi de posar quina adreça mesh te
  • Permeti monitoritzar el funcionament del dispositiu

Per fer-ho no hem pogut usar l'imagebuilder ja que no funciona correctament. Hem creat un firmware bàsic i el modifiquem a ma.

Coses a tenir en compte

Hi again,

During the meeting we had discussed relieve from the madwifi stuck beacon
problem. Recently I recognized that the information I gave you was partly
outdated. To activate nosbeacon for ad-hoc mode in kamikaze you have set
wifi-iface option sw_merge 1 (see also appendix).
I would still be very interested to hear if this option helps you with your
node-outage problems.

This works with 2.4 and 5Ghz Turbo channels using module parameters
countrycode=724 outdoor=1
Using this config with Alix/kamikaze Roger, Sammy and Pere from SamSitPer, and
me set up a 34 km link achieving 1MByte/second with only 50mW TX power.

For the olsr GW plugin (to avoid GW-flipping) you can use this packet: